Tokyo Daijingu Shrine

The Tokyo Daijingu Shrine is known as one of the most high-class shrine out of “The Five Shrines of Tokyo”.
This one is well known all over the world, and many come to visit the shrine for its divine blessing.
The shrine has also a divine blessing for good match making, and goes by its other name, “the power spot for love”.
The Tokyo Daijingu Shrine is surrounded by many buildings, and is enshrined in a business district.
However, if you take one step inside the Tokyo Daijingu Shrine, there awaits a quiet and peaceful world… as if you have stepped into to an alternative reality.
The quiet and peaceful world makes you forget all the endless noise in the city. It really does relaxes your mind.

A small forest is tended inside the shrine grounds of the Tokyo Daijingu Shrine. Many people know this, and actually enjoy it as a relaxing spot for them.
Those who are weary can rest their tired mind and body, and maybe, just maybe, receive the holy power from the small forest.
Now then, now that we know a few things about the Tokyo Daijingu Shrine, let’s get to know the shrine a little bit more. I think everybody wants to know about the shrine’s talismans and Omikujis (written oracles).
The shrine, as mentioned above, is also known for its match making, and there are a lot of talismans and Omikujis for match making.
You can see a lot of motifs regarding to the lily of the valley, which has a flower language of “happiness will arrive to you”.
The most famous talisman of the Tokyo Daijingu Shrine is the talisman of the lily of the valley, for match making.
It looks admirable, and it looks like it will bring a divine blessing of match making.
There is a plate on the talisman, and it is said if the plate falls of, your wish for love might come true.
You might get the same impression of when the Misanga (good luck bracelet) snaps off.
Other than that, you can see there is also a fashionable and adorable looking talisman such as a match making card, fulfillment of love talisman, a pebble talisman, and a key talisman for fulfillment of love.

There is also an Omikuji at the Tokyo Daijingu Shrine, but it’s mostly known for its match making Omikuji.
If you get a “Daikichi (excellent luck)”, it is said that you might get a boyfriend in the near future.
Other than that, there is also an Omikuji for love that comes with a doll of love and a love letter Omikuji, and every one of them, every adorable and sweet designs really touches a woman’s heart.

The Tokyo Daijin Shrine is really a popular spot for young women, and I couldn’t agree more.
If you ever want to visit the Tokyo Daijingu Shrine, be sure to cleanse yourself. Don’t forget the manners about when you’re entering a shrine; bow 2 times, clap 2 times, and bow 1 time. Pray for fulfillment of while you’re at it.
There are actually a lot of people who have experienced the divine blessing of the Tokyo Daijingu Shrine when they prayed to the shrine.
This is one of the power spots for love I definitely want you to visit.

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